Nuevo Tango & Mixed Latin Dance Group and Private Classes Every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm (complementary practice-fun session following every class.) Call the studio anytime for more information about our introductory and combined lesson and gift packages. 


What is “Tango Nuevo?”

Tango Nuevo is both a form of music incorporated into traditional Argentine Tango and the evolution of the classical tango dance. Twenty years ago, the Tango Investigation Group, founded by Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, applied the principles of dance kinesiology to the physics of movement in Argentine tango. From its inception, theTango Nuevo tango movement has provoked a shift in tango dance interpretation. “Tango dancing is growing, improving, developing, enriching itself, and in that sense we are moving toward a new dimension of Tango dancing….” (G. Naveira). Tango Nuevo includes moves from classical Argentine Tango reinterpreted and danced to new tango music selections. Tango Nuevo is not only different in its approach to the tango embrace used in classical Argentine Tango to define tango dance styles, but also in its off-axis moves, playfulness, and attention to rhythm and melody in the tango dance and music. Another important evolution from classical Argentine Tango within the Nuevo Tango movement is a greater emphasis placed upon improvisational tango skill of the woman’s tango dance interpretation. Some Tango Nuevo dancers explore incorporation of elements of other than tango dance forms such as salsa, ballroom, and swing and turn them into Tango Nuevo moves. This further enriches Nuevo Tango’s expressive possibilities within the evolution of tango dance artistry.

See Viktoria & Victor tango in this video!


Apart from Nuevo Tango and Latin Mix group class on Tuesdays 7-9pm, the Gagliardi Studio & Gallery in Nyack, NY also offer private Salsa, Cha-Cha, Special Tango Events and Parties.


a679f5f25ec739a2c90ba5263686a2c9 copy  “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
– Freidrich Nietzsche

Dancing is food for the soul! Studies show that dancing is not only good for your physical health when you move your body; it also has an impact on your emotional center and generally enhances your mood and mental wellbeing. Specifically there are three elements to dancing that will improve your mind and body health: it’s social – you meet people; it’s physical – you are getting exercise; it’s cognitive – you have to remember the steps. When you engage in things that are social, physical and cognitive you will improve your brain!! In addition to this health benefit dancing is fun and makes you feel great! So come out on Tango and Mixed Latin Tuesdays to the Gagliardi Studio & Gallery or book your own event. Move your body, improve your mind and dance away your worries! Our dance parties and classes promise to give you a mood boost, increase your vigor and make you happy. Whether you’re a total dance novice or an experienced mover, you’ll learn new dance moves. Above all, we want to make sure you have lots of fun! Call the Gagliardi Studio & Gallery at 845 353 7031 for more information and rental rates anytime and get your dance on!

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