Victor Gagliardi is an internationally regarded fine art photographer. For twenty years, he has traveled the United States, Europe, South America, the Carribean and the Middle East, capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary. An enthusiastic list of corporate and private clients have come to admire the power and uniqueness of his landscapes, close-ups of nature, art subjects and architecture.

“I began capturing images in 1977, and fell in love with my new hobby. In 1989, I sold my first photographs as artwork and two years later I left my career in business to work full-time as a photographic artist.” -Victor

The Gagliardi Photo Collection is a diverse portfolio of archival color photographs. Museum-quality images known for their vibrancy and resistance to fading. All photographs are produced in limited editions of 50 or 100 and each is signed and numbered. The Collection is represented on permanent display at the Gagliardi Gallery in Nyack, NY and other private showrooms.

Working in partnership with top architectural and interior design firms, Victor has provided artwork on more than 360 corporate projects. He consults in photo and environmental design, recently completing one of the largest photographic installations in New York City at Mt. Sinai Hospital.



Pimapen Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
Hudson House – Nyack, NY
Coler Memorial Hospital – New York City
Cabrini Medical Center – Dobbs Ferry, NY
Architect and Design Building – New York City
International Design Center – New York City
Dryden Gallery – New York City
Puchong Gallery – New York City
Fynmore’s Art Gallery – Utica, NY
La Gallerie Rouge – Utica, NY
Hopper House – Nyack, NY


Articles Written

Rockland Journal – Daily Newspaper
Nyack Patch – News site
Rocco Post – News site
Rockland 411 – News site